Smithfields Pub & Pies • Ashland Oregon

Open: 7 Days a Week, 11.30 – Midnight

Smithfields Pub & Pies is located at 23 S 2nd Street in Ashland, Oregon – directly across the street from Smithfields Restaurant & Bar. Smithfields Pub & Pies is a traditional English ale house meets English pie shop serving full crust savory pies, pub snacks, salads, fried chicken, sandwiches and sweet pies.

Smithfields Pub & Pies have cask ale, English ale on draught, Guinness on nitro, Oregon beers on draught, English ales in bottles and cans and a comparable selection of Oregon wines.

Smithfields Pub & Pies uses Bob Red Mill organic flour in our crusts with our blend of butter and leaf lard and all butter crusts in our vegetarian and sweet pies. The meat and produce served at Smithfields Pub & Pies is sustainably and locally sourced.

We use Mary’s pasture raised, air chilled birds for our fried chicken. They are brined for 24 hours, soaked in buttermilk, dusted in Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free flour and spices.

Smithfields Pub & Pies doesn’t take reservations. Just come on in and find yourself a spot. We have a saying in English pubs “Come as strangers, leave as friends”.

Reviews of Smithfields Pub & Pies:

“What a cozy & fun place. Great owner & staff. I had a ham pie & it was amazing! You will love this fabulous pub!”

“The pies are of course amazing, but don’t miss the salads — really good choices — and the minted peas. Comfortable atmosphere.”

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